Sunday, December 28, 2014

LOTD #280

Skin: Go & See - Sia - Summer & Brows w/ Rouge Lipstick
Hair: Exile - Day The World Went Away w/o Side Piece - Candy Cane {Free Christmas Gift}
Tattoo: DATUM - Maiden - Faded {CarnEvil}
Top: Apple May Designs - Cutie Tops* - White
Bottom: Legal Insanity - Keisha Jhodpur Pants - Wifey

[MANDALA] Unisex STEKING EARS - Season 5 {The Mens Dept}
[MANDALA] Unisex KOTOWARI - Watch Set - Red {The Mens Dept}
[NikotiN] - Bong Bottle - White

Above worn with Slink Mesh Hands
*Tintable flesh pasties worn underneath top

Thursday, December 25, 2014

LOTD #279

Skin: Essences - Loulou {Former TDR}
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Owls Spirit Tattoo {Victims of Ink}
Hair: Soonsiki - Santa Baby {Free Group Gift }
Top: SPIRIT - Terty Ripped Top {N-Twenty1}
Bottom: SPIRIT - Terty Skinny Jeans {N-Twenty1}
Footwear: Addams - Dr. Addams Boots {Thank you baby for getting me these boots }

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

LOTD #278

On Dewi:
Skin: Go & See - Shane {Coming soon!} w/ Fruk - Face Fuzz
Eyes: IKON - Deadshine Eyes {NEW Group Gift}
Tattoo: SwaggedOut* - Primal Fear {FROST}
Bottom: Fashionnatic - Vespers Harem Pants

Alchemy - Winter is Coming - Snow {Former gacha}

On Me:
Skin: Go & See - Sia - Pale w/ Pink Cold Lipstick
Eyes: Izzie's - Demon Eyes
Hair: Exile - West Coast
Tattoo: SwaggedOut - Shiver {FROST}
Top: 1 Hundred. - Faux Fur- Charcoal {FROST}
Bottom: Apple May Designs - Mistress Skirt - Black {25L Special, ends 12/26}

Sunday, December 21, 2014

LOTD #277

My love, Dewibali Resident, got me the Mother Earth Holiday Spirit mask from Remarkable Oblivion at the Arcade and for the longest time (years... lol), I had wanted to use this Spirit Avatar (by Claudia222 Jewell) and strolling violin (former gift from !bang).  I have finally found its pairing with this mask.  So as placed together, this is my interpretation of mother earth playing music as winter settles into the trees and water as snow and ice.

From the bottom of our hearts, Dewi and I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season!  We hope that all of you are enjoying this time with your family, friends, pets and loved ones.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

LOTD #276

Eyes: IKON - Deadshine Eyes - Quicksilver - Fiery {NEW Group Gift}
Skin: Go & See - Sia - Summer
Tattoo: SwaggedOut - Alternative Morbidity {NEW at Victims of Ink}
Hair: TRUTH - Thalia
Septum: DATUM - Shattered Septum
Dress: deeR - Alanis Sweater {NEW}
Footwear: deeR - Fayne Stilettos {NEW}

This post featured a new sponsor: Datum {Thank you!}

Thursday, December 18, 2014

LOTD #275

Skin: Clef de Peau - Mathias with Fruk - Goatee
Tattoos: .Inhale. Senses Fail {Mainstore} and New Demons (Face) {CarnEvil}
Hair:  [taketomi] - Baradi - DBrown06
Top: [Vato Loko] - Knit Sweater - White
Bottom: RONSEM - Skinny - Black

Apple May Designs - Broken Nerd Glasses - Steel {Gacha Item}
Mandala - Plug Stretched Ears
FLite. - A-Solo SnowBag - Black Quilted {FROST}
FLite. - A-Solo Board - Booty {FROST}
FLite. - A-Solo Snow Gloves Artic - Red {Kustom9}

This post featured a new sponsor: Datum {Thank you!}

LOTD #274

RECKLESS tattoos at FROST:
(Kane, Gide and Sato)

Skin: Clef de Peau - Guy {The Mens Dept}
Oufit: Linealrise Designs - Men's Freeze Shirt, Sweatpants and Scarf
Bottoms: FLite - Liberators - Coal

Sunday, December 14, 2014

LOTD #273

Don't miss out on this tattoo from DAPPA at FROST!

Skin: Clef de Peau - Guy {The Mens Dept}
Ears: AITUI - Human Ear; Traveller Plugs - Eagle's Skull RARE {The Arcade, December 2014}
Hair: INK - Cosmos-B:BK {The Mens Dept}

Saturday, December 13, 2014

LOTD #272

Skin: Go & See - Sia {The Big Show}
Hair: Taketomi - Kira
Top: Legal Insanity - Aggie Hoodie {Frozzen Fair}
Bottom: REIGN - Leggings - Glacier {FROST}
Footwear: FLite - First Winter Boots - Coal {Collabor88}

FLite - A-Solo SnowBag - Diamond {FROST}
FLite - A-Solo Board - Floral {FROST}
FLite - X CheckMate - Frost
Birdy - A Pug Xmas - Rudolf {The Chapter Four}
NikotiN - Cigarette Christmas - 04

Friday, December 12, 2014

LOTD #271

Check out the latest tattoos from Speakeasy!
Prick-n-Poke and Screw'd-n-Tattooed  {FROST, starts Dec.13th}
Vintage {The Uniquie Mini Fair, Dec. 8 to 22}

Skin: Clef de Peau - Guy {The Mens Dept}
Ears: AITUI - Human Ear; Traveller Plugs - Eagle's Skull RARE {The Arcade, December 2014}
Hair: INK - Cosmos-B:BK {The Mens Dept}
Bottom: Linealrise Design - Clover Jeans

Thursday, December 11, 2014

LOTD #270

Skin: Go & See - Sia - Summer {The Big Show}
Hair: pr!tty - Genia - Bun {The Showroom} worn with Just Magnetized - Natural Hairbase 01
Top: Anchor & Co. - Hang Tank - Black Owl {FROST, starts Dec. 13th}
Bottom: .DirtyStories. - Lil Booty Shorts - V1 {Anybody Exclusive}
Footwear: Fraise - The Rouge Platform - Jet {The Showroom}

.DirtyStories. - Diamond Queen - White-Black {Totally Top Shelf Exclusive}
pr!tty - Large Hoops - Silver & Gold {The Showroom}
.Figure. - Beat Nails Set {The Showroom}

This post featured a new sponsor: Anchor & Co. {Thank you!}

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

LOTD #269

Skin: Essences - Quinn01
Hair: TRUTH - Vivi {Uber}
Top: DAPPA - Crewneck & Sweat {FROST Exclusive, starts Dec. 13th}
Bottom: Ricielli - Highwaisted Jeans - Pink Gradient
Footwear: REIGN - Magnetic Pumps - White {Faves of mine }

DAPPA - Chimney Smoking Pipe {FROST Exclusive, starts Dec. 13th}
Energy - Flat Cap {Former Gift}

This post featured a new sponsor: DAPPA {Thank you!}

Sunday, December 7, 2014

LOTD #268

Skin: Go & See  - Sia - Summer {The Big Show}
Hair: little bones. Frostbite {Group Gift}
Top: *Shai* Crazy Christmas Sweater - Red Ribbons {The Arcade December 2014}
Bottom: [sYs] - LAZY Skinny Jeans (fitted mesh) - Grey {Winter Trend SL 2014 - North Pole}
Footwear: FLite. - A-Solo Snow Boots L War - RARE {The Arcade December 2014}

FLite. - A-Solo Goggles - Black {Winter Trend SL 2014 - North Pole}
.DirtyStories. - Lil Note {The New Tailors}
Apple May Designs - ColdOut {NEW}
Shakeup! - Slink Applier - Winter Gift Nail Lacquer {Winter Trend SL 2014  - South Pole}
Tentacio - The Arcade Season of Giving - Fruit Drink Pink {The Arcade December 2014}

Saturday, December 6, 2014

LOTD #267

Skin: Clef de Peau - Guy {The Mens Dept}
Tattoo: Speakeasy - InkSpired  {The Suicide Dollz Anniversary Round}
Hair: [INK] - COSMOS - B:BD {The Mens Dept Gacha}
Bottom: Linealrise Designs - Clever Jeans

LOTD #266

Skin: Clef de Peau - Guy {The Mens Dept}
Tattoo: RECKLESS - Ink King {The Mens Dept}
Hair: Tableau Vivant - JMJ {The Mens Dept Gacha}
Bottom: Linealrise Designs - Clever Jeans

FR/FLite & RECKLESS - GQ Link Bracelet, Skull Band, Watch, Pistol & Gloves/RARE - Black {The Mens Dept Gacha}
BLK 2.0 - Beast Glasses {The Mens Dept}
MANDALA - Legendary Necklace

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

LOTD #265

Shape: DirtyStories - Sarah
Skin: Essences - Quinn01 - Medium 02{TDRF}
Hair: Olive - Snow Princess Hair - Tea Stained {The Arcade, December 2014}
Tattoo: RECKLESS - Cornucopia
Top: DirtyStories - Peek A Boo Top {Winter Trend}
Bottom: DirtyStories - Peek A Boo Skirt - Yellow {The Big Show < NEW LM opens December 7th}
Footwear: FLite - Gianni Hightops {Uber}

DirtyStories - Spiked Nipple Covers - Gold
Hermony - Ultimate Cigarette

Sunday, November 30, 2014

LOTD #264

Skin: Essences - Quinn worn w/ Heidy Bubblegum Lipstick
Hair: TRUTH - Feronia
Top: Legal Insanity - Aggie Hoodie Jacket {Frozzen Fair (Dec. 1 to 15)}
Bottom: Legal Insanity - Bree Warmer Jeans {Winter Trends Fair (Dec. 5 to 19)}
Footwear: REIGN - Kenzy Boots
Scarf: MIEL - Fringe Scarf
Coffee: Label Motion - Coffee and Caramel Drink {NEW Subscriber Gift}

Taken HERE

Saturday, November 29, 2014

LOTD #263

Skin: Go & See - Vivienne
Makeup: Go & See - Melon Lipstick and NOX - Animu Shadow - Silver {Cosplay ends Nov. 30th}
Tattoo: RECKLESS - Sierra {Former Saturday Sale Item}
Eyes: Izzie's - Demon Eyes - White {Uber}
Hair: TRUTH - Neria w/ Horns
Wings: .DirtyStories. - Evil Queen Wings {The Suicide Dollz Anniversary Round Starts Dec. 1st}
Piercing: .DirtyStories. - Heart Nose Piercing {The Suicide Dollz Anniversary Round Group Gift}
Dress: The Hellish Diva - Strapless Dress {The Showroom}
Footwear: EMPORIUM - Minaj Heels {The Showroom}

Thursday, November 27, 2014

LOTD #262

{Click photo or my Flickr for higher quality}

New AbFab Outfit from Linealrise Design!
(includes: AbFab pants, Winter shirt and Tango heels)

Skin: Essences - Quinn
Hair: TRUTH - Bijou

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

LOTD #261

Congratulations! goes out to Second Life Inventory for reaching 12,000 Likes on their Facebook page!  Make sure to grab their gift through .Shi!!  For more information, check out their page: Second Life Inventory

Tattoo: Speakeasy - Sketch -N- Scratch {NEW}
Bottom: Linealrise Design - Men's iPants - White {NEW}

.Shi - POW B.B Cap - Limited Edition {.Shi Group Gift/L$ 200 to join}
.:Hermony:. - Ultimate Cigarette
Soy. - TAPEMAN - Yellow {Old Gacha}

Saturday, November 22, 2014

LOTD #260

{Click photo for higher quality}

Check out the latest tattoos from DAPPA, SwaggedOut and Speakeasy!
All the tattoos in the photo are available at Victims of Ink

LOTD #259

Tattoo #1: RECKLESS - Stein {NEW @ N-Twenty1}
Tattoo #2: RECKLESS - Warchief {NEW @ N-Twenty1}

Skin: SAMURAI HQ - Christian
Top: Legal Insanity - King Hoodies - Metals A {NEW}
Bottom: Legal Insanity - Sean Slim Baggy w/ Suspenders- Leather Petroil {NEW}
Cap: 2REAL - Spiked Silver

Friday, November 21, 2014

LOTD #258

Skin: Go & See - Vivienne
Hair: TRUTH - Vixen
Top: Spirit Store - November Turtleneck Sweater {Sad November}
Bottom: Spirit Store - November Jeans {Sad November}
Footwear: [whatever] - Iodine {The Dressing Room}

.DirtyStories. - Roses Unicorn {NEW}
.DirtyStories. - Hard Bitch Belt {Suicide Dollz}
Ariskea - November Collar {Group Gift}

Pose: Label Motion -  Special Set #2 {The Dressing Room}

Sunday, November 16, 2014

LOTD #257

Skin: [theSkinnery] - Kim - Miami - Toffee
Hair: TRUTH - Sian {NEW}
Dress: Bueno - Ella -Sweater Dress - Latte {Kustom9}
Footwear: REIGN. - Ramsay Flats - Tan {Saturday Sale}

RAMA - Curl Me Up Necklace - Rose Gold {The Showroom}
[geek.] - Off Grid FPS Pak Pak - Red {Genre}

Thursday, November 13, 2014

LOTD #256

Skin: Go & See - November - Pale {Sad November}
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Worst Enemy {The Thrift Shop}
Hair: TRUTH - Aida {NEW}
Top: American Beauty - Pyramid Top {The Showroom}
Bottom: Alyce - Ryna Bikini Bottom
Leggings: Chary - Black Sporty's
Earrings: 7891. - Sweet Seduction 1.0 {The Showroom}

LOTD #255

Skin: SAMURAI HQ - Christian
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Set Sail {L'Atelier}
Hair: Aeros - Javier
Bottoms: Legal Insanity - Forrest Rolled Up Jeans {NEW}

Saturday, November 8, 2014

LOTD #254

Skin: Go & See - November - Pale {Sad November}
Hair: TRUTH - Demelza - Colors
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Stay Gold {Suicide Dollz}
Monocle: .DirtyStories. - FairyTale Monocle {Suicide Dollz Exclusive}
Top: Alyce - Ryna Bikini Top
Bottom: Apple May Designs - Bummin' It Shorts - Black
Leggings: Izzie's - Lace Overknees - Grey {November Group Gift}
Footwear: REIGN. - Laced Lavie Boot - Violet {A sweet Group Gift from Kenadee }*

Poses: Purple Poses  & Marukin
*Other colors of the boot are available as REIGN.'s Saturday Sale Item.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

LOTD #253

Skin: Go & See - November - Pale {Sad November}
Hair & Headband: TRUTH - Ambrosia {Uber Macabre}
Tattoo: RECKLESS - Monarch - Fresh {The Mens Dept}
Top: Alyce - Ryna Bikini Top
Bottom: Apple May Designs - Nemesis {The Mens Dept}
Glove: .Shi- Fingerless Glove {Former Gacha}
Watch: FLite - X Checkmate Coal
Footwear: REIGN - Kerin Flats {FaMESHed}

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LOTD #252

Tattoo #1: RECKLESS - Echo {N-Twenty1}
Tattoo #2: DAPPA - New Order {Victims of Ink! Monthly Event}
Tattoo #3: SPEAKEASY - Creep {The Halloween Fair}

Skin: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. - Christian
Beard: +Spellbound+ - Monster Beards
Beanie: Apple May Designs - Beanies - Wicked Skull
Bottoms: <kal rau> - Casual Jeans

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

LOTD #251

Skin: Go & See - Bloody Vivienne
Nails: Go & See - Diamond Nails
Hair: TRUTH - Olinda {Mystic Realms Faire}
Outfit: Apple May Designs - Details Top, Pencil Skirt, & Collar
Footwear: REIGN - Laced Pumps {Vintage & Cool Fair}
Bag: Legal Insanity - Bat - Black {Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha, 10/25 to 11/22}

Sunday, October 5, 2014

LOTD #250

Skin: [theSkinnery] - Kim - Miami - Toffee
Hair: TRUTH - Dariela {NEW}
Outfit: WAYNE - Blazer Dress {The Showroom}
Footwear: REIGN - Ari Boots {NEW @ FaMESHed}

L U X - Big Diamond Stud Carved {The Showroom}
L U X - Cross Necklace Unisex {The Showroom}

Sunday, September 28, 2014

LOTD #249

Skin: [theSkinnery] - Kim - Miami - Toffee {Collabor88}
Teeth: Ataxia, formerly known as Medley - Prim Teeth v2 - Regular Braces
Hair: TRUTH - Aviva 2
Top: -SU!- - Basic Top - White
Jacket: -tres blah- - Varsity Jacket - Fuchsia {Collabor88}
Bottom: [Pumpkin] - Patched Skinnies
Belt: Legal Insanity - Ox Leather Belt - Sexy Nerd
Footwear: FLite.- Liberators - Pink {NEW Limited Edition}

MUSCHI - MyPhone {NEW}
LaGyo - Morgan Earrings Silver - Love {Collabor88}
{theosophy} - Monmouth Glasses - Bubblegum

LOTD #248

Skin: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. - Christian w/ Facial Hair 38
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Mode {The Mens Dept}
Hair: .Shi : Raven Hair [Set 1 . Unisex] {NEW @ The Secret Affair}
Top: [Pumpkin] - Big Tee - V in Black {NEW}
Bottom: .:villena:. - Loose Pants - Raven
Footwear: FLite. - Liberators - Black {NEW Limited Edition}

LOTD #247

Skin: .: fiore :. - Mocha Base - SPF30
Hair: Little Bones. - Feline {Group Gift }
Dress: (fd) - Miami Sunset Dress - Aqua {Collabor88}
Jacket: (fd) - Belted Men's Blazer - White {Collabor88}
Footwear: REIGN. - ALEXXIS HEELS {Group Gift }

ELSKA - Cat Lady Bag- Teal {Gacha @ N-Twenty1}
LaGyo - Malika Decor Mask - Silver

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LOTD #246

Skin: the Skinnery - Kim - Miami (Toffee) {Collabor88
Tattoo: SwaggedOut - Illuminati Soul Tat {NEW @ Mainstore}
Hair/Hat: Little Bones. - Hurt {Group Gift }
Top: Apple May Designs - Alice Tank - Magenta
Bottom: Ricielli - Spiked Jeans - Medium Faded {World Cup Hunt / Item #2}
Footwear: REIGN. - SORORITY HEELS - Painted {Young Spirit The Event}

{theosophy} - Monmouth Glasses (Bubblegum) {Previous FLF Item}
REIGN. - Chamber Rings - Lunar (Gold) {The Secret Affair Gacha}
REIGN. - Renegade Clutch - White (Rare)* {In-store Gacha}

This post is dedicated to my sis, Scarlet aka Sweetiepye17 Truly October Bullet Resident, who was not only with me when receiving and shopping for items featured in the post, but also graciously contributed to this post! Thank you so much for always being there for Dewi and me.  You mean so much to us and we love you more than you'll ever know.  We are so glad to have met you and love having you in our craycray fam.  Thank you also for always supporting my blog and the posts.  Your comments mean so very much to me and I love reading what you have to say each time!  Thank you for the clutch sis, I love it and you (apapachoo siskoh)!  Always remember: "Our love -it's automatic."

LOTD #245

Skin: the Skinnery - Kim - Miami (Toffee) {Collabor88}
Hair: pr!tty - Penelope {The Showroom}
Dress: The Hellish Diva - Leather Dress {The Showroom}
Footwear: Just Magnetized - Ultra Platform Boots {The Showroom}

[7891.] - Lion's Eye Necklace & Bracelet {The Showroom}
Garbaggio - Studded Leather Clutch {The Showroom}

Pose: .Model Me. - Couture6 {The Showroom}

Sunday, September 21, 2014

LOTD #244

Skin: Go & See - Leo - Natural w/ Eyebrows & Eye-G-Liner - Silver
Tattoo: RECKLESS - Hoots {NEW @ N-Twenty1}
Hair: Little Bones - Girl {NEW N-Twenty1}
Dress: Tee*fy - Celeste Dress - Eminence {NEW N-Twenty1}
Footwear: REIGN - Oli Wedges - High {NEW N-Twenty1}

FLite - Raiders Bag - Axe {NEW N-Twenty1}
FLite - X Checkmate - Coal {NEW N-Twenty1}
Obscure - Assassins Holster - Colt/Knife - Silver {Former Gacha}

Pose: Label Motion - Nuria

LOTD #243

Outfit: KELINI - Elegant Pearl Mesh Dress {PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Week}

Skin: Go & See - Leo - Natural, Eye-G-Liner - Silver & Melon-2 Lipstick
Brow: Just Magnetized - Diva Brows - Ginger 01
Eyes: Hebenon Vial - Shadowseer Eyes - Whiteout*
Hair: TRUTH - Shae - Gingers {NEW}
Footwear: Hucci - Jacmel Pump Leather - Moonglow
Accessories: MANDALA - Odyssey Jewelry Set - Artemis - White

Pose: Ma Vie. - Supremely Unleashed 09

*May not be available

Saturday, September 20, 2014

LOTD #242

Skin: Go & See - Leo - Natural w/ Eyebrows & Eye-G-Liner - Silver
Hair: TRUTH - Cameo {NEW}
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Sleepless {NEW}
Top: * .:: deeR ::. * - Reloaded Tee w/ Scarf {NEW}
Bottom: Maitreya - Leather Skinny Pants
Footwear: * .:: deeR ::. * - Prima Heels {NEW}

Pose: Label Motion - NYG

Friday, September 19, 2014


Originally posted here:

Sept 19th  |  Friday
12PM    Paisley Daisy | Romance Couture | Snowpaws
1PM      ZOZ
2PM      Nya’s Shop | Morphine | Bravura Homme |  Clamberry | Sundaara
3PM      Loovus Dzevavor

Sept 20th    Saturday
12PM    Sweet Intoxication | Chocolate Atelier | Entice
1PM      Legal Insanity
2PM      Mimi’s Choice
PM        Bomshie | vanity House Of Designs | M&M style

Sept 21th  |  Sunday
11AM    Lybra
12PM    Lyrical B!zarre Templates | wicca’s wardrobe | Kelini Haute Couture | Masoom | Living Imagination
1PM      October’s 4seasons
2PM      Grand Finale Show
3pm     Live Performance w/ Josiah Lee Baxter


Watch Video Trailer Here:

.PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week (AW14), 13th – 22nd of September is set to shine the spotlight on some of Second Life’s leading fashion talents. Set over 10 days, the schedule is packed with 20 shows from 43 emerging and established designers, over 250 new designs in the designer Showrooms and fun-filled events and after parties hosted by Energy Club. .PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week is ready to highlight the best of the industry’s designers and showcase what makes Second Life one of the most exciting and dynamic places on Earth- its creativity!

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars and join us in celebrating the creative talents of our extraordinary designers with the biggest fashion week in Second Life this year: .PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2014!

We are .PENUMBRA.! We are fashion!

Featured Designers:

Carrie’s Lingerie
chocolate atelier
Chrissy Sparrowtree
Dead Dollz
JUMO Fashion and Beauty
K E L I N I Haute Couture
KL Couture
Legal Insanity
Living Imagination
Loovus Dzevavor
Lush By CoCo
Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Mimi’s Choice
Modern Couture
Nya’s Shop
Paisley Daisy
petit chat
Pure Poison
Romance Couture
Sonatta Morales
Soul Designs
Vanity House Of Designs
Wicca’s Wardrobe

FOR RELEASE August 18, 2014
Media Contact:
Fuzz Lennie,



There exists a space of shadow and light, the almost imperceptible zone between luminous sun and the velvety black of an eclipse. This is the merging place of light and dark, the niche of perfect illumination and shadow. This is the penumbra. We are .PENUMBRA. We are FASHION.

PENUMBRA is designed to be a fashion center, welcoming to various agencies and designers for fashion events of all types.

.PENUMBRA. Website::

.PENUMBRA. Facebook::

.PENUMBRA. Flickr Group::

LOTD #241

Outfit: .::Dead Dollz::. Tortuga - Mini Dress {PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Week}

Skin: Go & See - Leo - Natural w/ Eyebrows, Eye-G-Liner - Silver & Melon-2 Lipstick
Hair: TRUTH - Lilith
Footwear: REIGN.- Sidney Boots - Tan {The Secret Affair}

C h a r y . - Nevermore Headpiece - Silver RARE {The Secret Affair}
Birdy (Foxes) - Melancholy Grimoire - Silver RARE {The Secret Affair}
.random.Matter. - Ariadne Ring - Black {The Secret Affair}

Poses: Label Motion - NYG

Thursday, September 18, 2014

LOTD #240

Outfit: Modern Couture - Caliopeta Dress Black {PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Week}

Skin: Go & See - Leo - Natural w/ Eyebrows & Eye-G-Liner - Silver
Hair: TRUTH - Amaris {NEW}
Footwear: REIGN - Magnetic Pumps - Crimson {Saturday Sale Item}

EarthStones - Black Spider Earring {Prior Gift}
Birdy (Foxes) - Melancholy Beaded Rose - Gold {The Secret Affair}
.random.Matter - Lenore Ring - Black {The Secret Affair}

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

LOTD # 239

Skin: Go & See - Leo - Natural w/ Eyebrows & Eye-G-Liner - Silver
Eyes: IKON - Eternal - Mesa
Hair: TRUTH - Posy {NEW}
Tattoo: Speakeasy - Daggers End - Black {NEW}
Bra: T.Whore - Fishnet Bra Top - Black {NEW}
Top: Linealrise Design - Rumor Jacket - Gold {NEW}
Bottom: Linealrise Design - Leather Pants - Black {NEW}
Footwear: REIGN - SuperNova Heels {NEW @ Kustom9}
Piercing: Hebenon Vial - Aint/Ink - Colors