Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh deeR! :P

How about we have another round of applause for DJ Dips String??!! (/me claps in a circle :P)  Well, it is thanks to her that this next post, as well as future ones, are even possible for me.  While playing a round of Greedy (yes, that very addicting dice game also known as Farkle on Facebook...), Dips was teleported in and she introduced my friends and me to Sidofox Zsun of deeR!  We got to talking and now I have been blessed with being able to be a part of the blogger group!  I'm very proud to present to you all products from deeR because I think they're absolutely awesome!  Thank you to Dips and Sidofox for believing in me enough to take a chance on my blogger newbness :P  

The first of two pictures also features a new, subscribo freebie from one of my favorite pose stores, Label Motion!  It's fantastic and even comes with its own poses!  Did I mention, it's free??!  The second is decked out in items from deeR... all the way from the clothes, shoes, and even skin!  This first deeR post will feature two outfits that I have put together and so I truly hope you all enjoy and tp on over to the mainstore right away and (uses an enthused slogan voice) get your deeR gear -today!  

First Outfit
Skin:  The Body Co Ivy - 03 Light Brown Brows
Hair:  Elikatira - Return - Red
Top: deeR - Shoulder Cropped Top
Bottoms: Not So Bad - Mungo Jeans - Regular
Shoes: deeR -  Schutz Sneakers
Glasses: Armidi Gisaci - Lifestyle Aviators - Silver
Tattoo: Para Designs - Circus Aquarium - Black
Phone: Label Motion - My Mobile Phone Subscriber Gift - Blue

Second Outfit
Skin: deeR - Anna Skin - May (Gold-Eyeshadow)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Teeloh Mesh Hair - Ash
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Cat Eyes - Black
Top: deeR - Loose Vest
Underlayer: League - Duct Tape Set - Black
Bottoms: deeR - Sarrouel Pants
Shoes: deeR - Ankle Lace Boots
Earrings: Indyra Originals - Seven Earrings - Burned Gold
Nails: Mandala - Nail Palette 1 - Medium

Saturday, June 9, 2012

1st String: DJ Dips

I am so happy to post this because it includes a very good friend of mine, DJ Dips String!  I first went to one of her sets in late March of this year and have been going eversince!  Y'know folks... Before I started going to her sets, I really thought, ok.. my life here in SL is coming to a close.  I began to stop believing and figured that positivity just didn't exist here.  Y'know how all that goes as I'm sure we've all hit that SL wall a few times.  BUT! (with 1 "t", don't get it twisted LOL)  Listening to her and her music (and trying to follow local chat as best I could) really gave me a sense that things are just at a low and that I needed to get out there and just meet more people!  Shortly after this, I went and started this here blog... and have continued to meet great people all over the SL grid!  

Seriously, you have to come to a set to know what I'm talking about!  Her, along with her host and my love, Dewibali Resident, make for such an electric, energizing team!  They love to have fun and you can sense all the love, support and friendship around them.  Make sure to check out a set from DJ Dips, aka Dipsy!  You definitely won't regret it!  You'll have a spectacular time and may even make a few friends along the way, like I did.  I am so lucky and blessed, really!  You are who you associate yourself with and just by being around Dips will give you the same amazing, life-is-still-fun, type of feeling!  As she says, "Stay on party people!"  So yeah, listen to her and oh yeah, you might want to check out her and her outfit too :D

Skin: -Belleza- - Elle - Tan
Hair: 99 Elephants - Clara
Top: !ZB Zoobong -Veda Tank [Calm] - Black
Bottoms: Balkanik 2.0 - Female Baggy Jeans - White
Shoes: Akeyo - Zupra Shoes
Glasses: Shadz - Shut Up Sunglasses
Tattoo: Glue Ink - Only God Can Judge - Tattoo 
Jewelry: Mandala - Takara Nail - Silver, Takara Bangle/Buddha - Silver, Hannya Necklace -Black; JCNY - Time'Rider - Engraving Series Worldtime Watch
Headphones: To Be Unique - DJ-H2
Shoulder Pet: XD Fusion - Friendly Gray Puppy

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Happy Sunday to you all!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I spent most of mine sleeping and trying to get better.  Caught almost a week ago and just haven't been able to shake it off!  I feel a lot better today, thank goodness.  Anyhow, I have been wanting to post this amazing wind dress from Gizza.  It's an older dress and has been put for sale at L$125 (tptptptp!)!!   I wanted to give this look a real zebra feel to it.  Then I got a skin from Glam Affair that really inspired me to make it into something even more.  Maybe you can catch the mood I was getting at.  It's not so 'safari' as it is just the spirit of a lone zebra making its presence known.  If you don't get that feeling from it, just uh... get the dress! LOL 

Skin: Glam Affair - Leah skin - Ethereal Sadness (former TDR skin)
Makeup: Nuuna's Skin - Makeup v4 - 1, Nemezi - Zebra - Black
Hair: Vanity - Lexington - Jet Black
Dress: GizzA Creations - Wind Dress - Black & White
Bracelets: Mandala - Takara Bangle - Zebra Fur
Earrings: Amorous - Enslaved 
Necklace: Xanimations - Nubian Princess Collar Choker