Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This Silver Lining Hunt from Monochrome was great!  You have to check it out!  Not only do you have that hunt to do, you have to head over to Al Vulo for the new group gift!  YES!...NEW!!  Speaking of NEW!!  After all that you have to go and see the new Cuttlerz series from 2Real Footwear!  and if you're so inclined to know, I don't yet have the high-tops and would very much want them....#shamelessrequestfromyourstruly:P

Ok, so did you get all of that?!  Sure? Ok, go then!  Before I poke you with my antlerz haha!  I'MMA DO ET!  Don't dare me >_>

(Black and white closeup version of this picture, available HERE)

Skin: Al Vulo - Eleonor - Son of Flowers *NEW group gift*
Hair: Truth - Nyx w/ Roots - Toast
Top: Kyoot - Last Thread Tank - White
Sweater: Belgravia - Cascade Cardigan - Slate
Bottoms: Evolve - Oblivion Jeans - Twilight
Shoes: 2Real - Low Cuttlerz *NEW* (make sure to checkout the high-tops too!) 
Nails: Izzie's - Classic Nails - Fall/Winter 2012 Edition
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Tarifa *available @ Collabor88*
Earrings: - Loop - Charcoal
Antlers: Half Deer - Fawn Antlers - Monochrome *L$5 Silver Lining Hunt*
Furniture: Circa - Starry Night Set - *L$5 Silver Lining Hunt*
Chair: LISP Bazaar - Click Click Snapshot Chair *Former FLF*
Pose: Marukin - Flambe - High and Dry *available @ Collabor88*

#44 bWaves

This wonderful friend of mine had a fabulous style, knew how to decorate her home, had donuts as her guilty pleasure (a guilty pleasure we both shared hehe)...  On the day that I found out she had passed away, I went to her home and took pictures before the land owners would take it away and return her things.  One of the things in her home was a vase with a lily on it.   I used to have my own home and studio in SL.  I used to keep a small memorial there for her.  This is a similar setup.

To my friend who passed away almost a year ago in RL, brain Waves.

Dear brain,

I had this dream the other night about blue water.  There was so much of it and I was afraid to cross it but decided to take a chance not long after walking up to the edge of the land just before the water touched my toes... and well, it wasn't so bad walking through it to get to the other side.  I asked one of my best friends today what she thought it meant.  She said that dreaming of blue water meant happiness, joy and success.  So maybe I'm worried about stepping forward into something, but shouldn't since it will be a good thing.  

I was also reading up on the yahoo!news today and saw this thing about Anna Nicole's daughter, Dannielyn, knowing that her mother has passed away... and how it was at first, "She's in heaven."  and had once asked, "Which cloud is she on?"  What about you brain?  Which cloud are you on?  hehe

-back to the water dream thing- While staging this photo, I had to put my own photo in there and I chose your home brain.  I noticed all the blue water in it.  Looked like the one in my dream brain.  Did you shove me across that water or what?  LOL  

You were always there for me.  You were my bestest friend here.  

I can feel you near me always.  Thank you for standing by me brain!  

I love you and there isn't a day that I don't think of you. 

With love,

Skin: Al Vulo - Eleonor - Black *New*
Hair: Lelutka - Rain - SoySauce
Dress: ISON - Seiko Dress - Taupe *available @ Collabor88*
Shoes: N-Core - CHIC - Hiver
Nails: Izzie's - Classic Nails - Fall/Winter 2012 Edition
Watch: Earthstones - Gemstone Palette Watch
Necklace and Earrings: LaGyo - Titiana
Purse: Ty Zvezda - Diamond Studded Leather Clutch Purse *L$5 SLH*
Table and Frame: estatica - Bertram Console Table #2 and Portrait Frame #2 *L$5 SLH*
Flower: Chronokit - Lily - White
Donuts: LISP Bazaar - Tiffin Set 2
Pose: Label Motion - #20 *Check out the LM Pose hunt! Find all the boxes, 24 total!*

SLH - Silver Lining Hunt; all items are just L$5!!

Monday, November 26, 2012


This outfit is probably the last thing I would 1) wear in the snow and 2)  wear IN the SNOW! lol  Buuuuuuut, in SL, you can do anything!  Spiked leggings and heels in (where else?!) the SNOW!  Done. :P

Skin: Essences - Heidy *Former TDR*
Hair: Exile - Collide - Frost *available @ FaMESHed*
Top: Retro' - Chain Top (partial)
Bottoms: Glow Studio - Scream! Leggings White w/ Gold Spikes
Heels: Mstyle - Kashi Pumps - Mint
Nails: deeR - Hand Set #1 *Faves :D*
Necklace: Glow Studio - Scarf Styled Necklace - Azure
Bracelet: Shade Throne - Heroin Bracelet - Gold *Former gg*
Tattoo: UtopiaH Body Shop - Ecdysis Tattoo Snake
Pose: Label Motion - Mix
Taken HERE

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Ok, so the Thanksgiving holiday is now over.  I had a great time cooking all the traditional foods and eating them too rofl.  We had so much leftovers that we decided to make a turkey pot pie type deal with them all and it turned out soooo good!  What's also over is Black Friday, but my sissy, Leilani Muircastle, and I decided that Black is very much not over haha!  Anyhow, I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!  xoxo

Just wanted to say welcome back into SL sissy!  I know this comeback will be short-lived but I'm glad you've atleast decided to update to mesh :P haha! Love you lots!

1st Outfit
Skin: Filthy - Maria - Cream *October gg; Closing sale!! (wahh), rush over there asap!*
Hair: Elikatira - Locked - Red 05
Top: Whippet & Buck - Claven Lace Blouse - Eggshell
Bottoms: Kyoot - Elbo Trousers - Taupe
Boots: Sand Shack Surf Co. - Olea Boots
Scarf: Tram - Fringe Scarf 
Belt: Not So Bad - MAUD belt
Hat: Epic - Kawaii Turkey Chapka Hat *Free, TDT Hunt*
Pose: Label Motion - Bell

2nd Outfit

Skin: Al Vulo - Eleonor - Peacock 2, Sunkissed *New*
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Teeloh Mesh Hair - Ash
Top: Oh ! - Mesh Loose Tank - Black
Bottom: Fashion Victim - Military Skinny Jean - Black
Shoes: Redgrave - Cathy
Earrings: Amorous - Enslaved
Piercings: Hebenon Vial - Liquid Ink
Rings: (red) Mint - Silver *L$1 @ Marketplace*
Bracelets: Ey:no - Mess Bangles - Silver
Tattoo: Sweet Sin - Snake
Pose: Label Motion - #17  *Check out the LM Pose hunt! Find all the boxes, 24 total!*

Leilani's Outfit

Eyes: Curio - Tragic Eyes - Hazel 
Makeup: Damned - Tribal Makeup
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Skin: Illusory - Paige - Milk - Soft Touch
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Amelie Mesh Hair - Dark Flame *available @ FaMESHed*
Dress: Remy - Lasa Dress - Grayscale Ombre *available @ TDR*
Shoes: Hucci - Tunxi Bootie - Midnight *BF sale item! hurry for this awesome deal!*
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace & Ring - Silver Drop Black Jet Stone
Pose: Label Motion - Hera

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Skin: Glam Affair - Roza - Brr & Etci 03 *available @ Collabor88*
Hair: Elikatira - Vivid - Red 08Top: deeR - MESH Loose Fitting Tank *New*
Bottoms: Cynful - Zia Denim v 2.0 Mesh - Dark Blue
Shoes: Balkanik 2.0 - Vintage - Vector *group gift*
Necklace & Ring: LaGyo - Santa Fe - Silver
Watch: Chronokit - Watch No.37 Lancelot - Black
Bangles: EY:NO - Mess Bangles - Silver
Nails: deeR - Hand Set #1 Female 
Tattoo: Public Enemy - Loyal Soul
Poses w bag: Label Motion/I <3 FashiOn - My Music Set *subscriber gift*

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Bali-Vyper Wedding

Dewi and I would like to thank our wonderful family and friends for their amazing love and support.  Thank you all so much for your greetings and comments that day!  We love you all!

Please click the link below to watch our wedding video

Thank you to everyone for your patience!  I was waiting for an important piece for our wedding which was finished and posted recently without further adieu, here are the details for our wedding!

Dewi's Wedding Outfit
Dress: Son!a - Mon Ange Bride Wedding Dress - Eggshell
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix - MANA Era Gator Peep Toe - Nude
Headdress: Tukinowaguma - Louison
Earrings: Earthstones - The Diamond Stud - Brilliant/Platinum
Necklace: Mandala - Lotus chain Necklace - White

My Wedding Outfit
Dress: Son!a - Alfil Formal Dress - White
Shoes: Skifijia - Lady Night Pumps - White
Headdress: Tukinowaguma - Umbiea
Earrings & Necklace: Donna Flora - Anastacia Set

Wedding Party's Outfits are from Bilo and Zaara.
Bouquets & Boutonnieres: MW Designs - Floreal Saffron

Wedding took place on Friday, October 12, 2012 at 11am SLT

WEDDING PARTY (in video)
Dewibali Resident and Rosie Vyper

Chelle Yue

Dips String - Maid of Honor -
Latoya Capelo
Spencer Broderie

Jolenna Resident - Maid of Honor -
Kaelyn Alecto

WEDDING PARTY (not in video)
Tweeze Tyne
storyspinner70 Resident

Tamara Artis (with Pure Shot Photography)
FunnyBunny aya (with Pure Shot Photography)

Sonricita Belfire

Dips String

Toran Babenco

Electra Spearsong  (with Special Moments Weddings)
Samual Wetherby (with Special Moments Weddings)

Custom wedding was held at the Forever sim

Jenne Dibou (JD's MTF Palace of India & Tower, Taj Mahal)
Tara Tagore (Melino Style - Ghorob Pavilion)

Other decorations were provided by Dips String, Spanky Shippe, Dewi Bali-Vyper and myself from various places within our extensive inventories LOL

Wedding March & Ceremony:
(Adele) Make You Feel My Love

(Medina) Forever

First Dance:
(Kenny Lattimore) For You

*Other songs included in wedding video*
(Alicia Keys) Unthinkable

(Kelly Sweet) Giorno Dopo Giorno
translation can be found HERE

Other photo links from friends and fellow photographers: Geanna Lanley & Kaelyn Alecto
If there were any other details or photos you wanted to see, please IM me in-world.

First Dance from PSP Photography

The following shots were taken by moi :P