Saturday, May 26, 2012

What a Pretty Mesh! :P

I have soooo many posts to catch up on, this being one of them!  I was so excited when I first put this together and only about 2 weeks old now, it's already "old" to some.  LOL  Yknow what though, fashion will always have its comebacks and throwbacks and wetbacks?  I don't know but this was all in thanks to this year's Culture Shock at the CHIC sim.  One of my most favorite items was this new hair by Exile called Groove Theory, just look at how unique that is!  Make sure to check out the list of stores below for their newest and best items.  One of the items I've been most asked about is my top by ISON.  So simple yet diverse, that's my style and I absolutely lurve it!! (Lurve = love with a little bit of umph? haha)

Skin: The Body Co - Ivy - 03 Light Brown Brows
Hair: Exile - Groove Theory - Sunset
Top: ISON - Draped Crop Tee - Beige
Bottoms: Maitreya - Mesh Zipper Skinny Jeans - #1
Shoes: Celoe - Xylia Pumps - Oregon
Necklace: LG Concept - Paisley Necklace - Bronze
Bracelets: League - Wanderer - Oak

Monday, May 14, 2012

Drink Responsibly

Y'know, it's hard when you are just starting out and you come to meet people that just know other people.  They've been at it for awhile and you wish you were at that point already.  That happens to me as I do this blog but then I think to myself about the journey this has taken me through so far.  I have met some fantastic people along the way... and in doing that, I've made some great friends too.  They be some crazy folk, but they make me laugh and that matters a lot to me :P  Where I'm trying to get at is this HUD that my fellow blogger and good friend, Kaelyn Alecto told me about.  It's simple to use and cracks me up everytime I use it LOL  I'll be posting pictures on my flickr page to show you all.  It's from aDORKable Poses and it gives you different options for facial expressions.  Try it!  I mean it's a bonus that it's free too, so why not?  LOL

Anyhow, I put a look together since summer is getting near.  I can't wait since it feels like the party season each year.  What do you do when you party?  You drink LOL  So I put my summer look together, paired it with amazing jewelry from Aura and these neat glasses I discovered from the marketplace!  And yes, Stephy, I will show you where I got the beer too.   Haha  Thanks folks and remember, drink responsibly... Or else you may end up like I did... >_>

HUD: aDORKable Poses - Emoter HUD
Skin: The Body Co - Ivy - 03 Light Brown Brows
Hair: Truth Hair - Vicky w/Roots - Chocolate
Swimwear Top: SK Designs - Amorphix Bra 
Swimwear Bottom: Custom Inkz - Part of "Temptress" Outfit - Thong - Black
Top: Beetlebones - Loose Pocket Tank Sheer - White
Shorts: Apple May Designs - City Work Shorts - Classic
Sandals/feet: SLink - Sheila Thongs - Black
Glasses: Le Primitif - Hypster Glasses - Black
Earrings: Aura - Down Pour - Pearl 
Ring: KOSH - Sade Ring
Watch: Chronokit - Watch No.34 Comet - Female
Beer: Hyperborea - Beer

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All Meshed Up!

It's 3:30am for me and here I am, working away.  I think I work better at night when noone can really bother or distract me.  I've got 3 great posts coming your way, this being one of them.  There's a lot going on in SL so be ready for these posts!  Ready? Set? Buy! LOL

I got a lovely new skin from Body Co. (You liiikey?) and it made me want to dress up a bit.  This look is very me since I feel it's still very casual.  Sexy with some stomach showing.  Oh and have you seen my hair?  It's one of my favorite hairstyles from Truth.  A great find in my inventory was this watch that I bought awhile back.  It's from Chronokit and it's so well made!  You should really visit that store too for some great freebies.  Also, make sure to check out the furniture!

I've been getting into mesh lately and the best thing I've found lately are these jeans from Maitreya.  OMG, I just love them!  I also found a deal on this cute top from Apple May, which I believe was only L$100!  Both purchases really convinced me to get more mesh :P  Even my earrings from Mandala are mesh!!  I absolutely love them!  (FYI on the jeans: For a short time, if you're in the Maitreya VIP group, you can get the Dirty Jean for half the price!  So get the steppin' and head on over there!)  

Skin: The Body Co - Ivy - 03 Light Brown Brows
Hair: Truth - Georgina w/Roots - Mocha
Top: Apple May Designs - Lola Mesh Top - Lake Water
Bottoms: Maitreya - Zipper-Skinny Jeans - #2
Shoes: N-Core - Coquette - White
Watch: Chronokit - Watch No.34 Comet - Female
Earrings: Mandala - Tukemono Earrings - Silver