Wednesday, August 26, 2015

LOTD #424

Body/Hands/Feet: The Shops - The Mesh Project Deluxe Body (m)
Head: The Shops - The Mesh Project Deluxe - Soft
Skin/Brows/Applier: Clef de Peau - James {Shiny Shabby}
Beard/Scar: Clef de Peau - Facial and Scar {MOH6 - Farewell Summer Hunt, begins Aug. 29th}
Hair: Atro Patena - Rome - Black {Subscriber Gift}
Glasses: RECKLESS - Wiskee Glasses {MOH6}
Tattoo: RECKLESS - Victor {The Chapter Four 2 for 1 Special}
Neck Strap: GB - from Stole & Neck Strap Set {Creators Collection Box}
Towel: Chronokit - Towel01 - On Shoulder {Join Group: Dance Bar Ocean for Gift}
Bottoms: Balkanik 2.0 - Evuza Jeans & Belt