Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sync'd Motion - Original - Kiss @ The Crossroads & Tere @ TMD!

For all you Cha-Cha dancin' lovers,
here's a set of dances that are fit just for you!
Get ready to ring around your partner and swing those hips with your partner
or just show these moves off solo on the dance floor!
You're sure to ring in another hip ;P

Sync'd Motion
Originals - Kiss
{@ The Crossroads}

See Kiss on Vimeo!

The Mens Dept release: Tere
has you hands at hip,
accentuating your pelvic moves!
Guys, step up!  It's time to show off what you're packin'!

Sync'd Motion
Inspired - Tere
{@ The Mens Dept}

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