Monday, March 18, 2013

LOTD #072

Skin: PXL - Sophia - Natural {Spring 2013 VIP Gift}
Lips: Tuli - Parted Lips 1 {Free at Skin Fair 2013}
Hair: Exile - Stay the Night - Frost
Dress: Pixelites Inc.- Casual Tank Dress - Mulberry {NEW!!}

Leggings: glow Studio - Part of Scream! Leggings White
Shoes: deeR - Vanha Shoes {NEW!!}

Ey:no - Heart Ring Ensemble - Silver
DECO - Jennifer Tote - Snow {The Arcade Gacha Event}
Yummy - Polyex Sports Watch - White {The Arcade Gacha Event}
Taken HERE 

Fennux - Pinkadot - Eternal/Pet named "Lily Lapelo" :)
Much thanks and appreciation to my Aunties: Latoya and Lala for your love, generosity and amazing support!  Without you, this post would not have been possible :P   Love you both bunches!

If anyone is interested in purchasing a Fennux or would like more information on them, please visit their stall or check out the official Fennux website!

Latoya and Lala's Stall
Official Fennux Website, In-World Landmark