Friday, June 28, 2013

LOTD #089

me:  Yoshi, I got this... I got this!
Yoshi:  But the controller isn't even connected to anything...
me:  Don't hate on my controller.  What a joykill you are... You could've atleast pretended >_>
Yoshi:  Yeah, uhh... No.
me: I wish I had a fireball to shoot you with :P
Yoshi:  I'm sure you can find it on marketplace just like you did that controller... heh.
me:  Smartass.  Y'know, you're supposed to be... FUN!
Yoshi:  What'd you expect? I'm made of prims, I have no soul...
me:  (mumbles)  Wish I could find THAT on the marketplace... geez!

Skin: Essences - Whisper - Sunkissed {TDR Fusion}
Hair: Magika - PCF Red - Paisley {50% Sale}
Top: Boob-lish - T-shirt - Nintendo w/Lola Applier {Stuff In Stock}
Bottoms: Pixelites Inc. - Booty Shorts - Red {NEW}
Shoes: Balkanik 2.0 - Loserz Sneakers - Black {NEW}

Glasses: Legal Insanity - Sheldon Sunglasses {NEW}
Hat: RO - Drink Snapback {The Arcade}
Controller: Barmie Boram - NES Typer AO {L$1}
*Walker: Nostalgia'd - Super Mario Bros 3 Walker [Grassland] {L$1}
Yoshi: My trash bin.

*Not seen in the picture.  The walker is an object that is attached to the body... and is awesome.  Plays sounds as you walk.